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Winning Sales with Guarantees and Done-for-You Services

Updated: May 16

Winning Sales with Guarantees and Done-for-You Services  │ Martyna Boss

Setting out to grow my online business is like aiming for that exciting milestone of earning $100,000 a month and more. It's a dream many entrepreneurs share. But here's a key question:

How do I make this happen smoothly, not just by focusing on money but also by using guarantees and helpful services?

Imagine my business journey as a thrilling adventure, where guarantees are like a compass, and transformative done-for-me services act as my sails. It's not just about reaching financial goals; it's about smart strategies and keeping customers happy.

So, let's dive into the world of online business. I'll explore how guarantees build trust and how adding helpful services can make my offers even more appealing. It's not just about reaching financial milestones; it's about finding the best ways to grow and succeed in the online business world.

Understanding Prospect Queries on Guarantees

Winning Sales with Guarantees and Done-for-You Services  │ Martyna Boss

With over 17 years in coaching and consulting services, clients often ask me a key question – "Do you guarantee results?" This moment in a sales call is vital, and my response goes beyond a simple yes or no.

Instead, I dig deeper, asking what they mean by a guarantee. What are their expectations? What outcomes do they hope for? It's about understanding their needs.

In simpler terms, it's like having a conversation, not just giving a quick answer. By asking more questions, I uncover what they really want – whether it's financial security or specific results.

This approach turns a simple question into a chance to understand each other better. It's not just about having guarantees; it's about making sure those guarantees match what the client truly wants. This way, I build trust and create a meaningful relationship.

Qualifying Prospects and Setting Expectations:

Winning Sales with Guarantees and Done-for-You Services  │ Martyna Boss

Not every lead that comes my way is an ideal fit for my business. Some inquiries about guarantees might not indicate genuine interest but rather a desire for reassurance. Engaging in meaningful conversations to clarify expectations is vital to discerning the right prospects.

For instance, consider a scenario where a potential client expresses interest in a money-back guarantee linked to a specific business growth percentage. While this might seem promising at first glance, it's essential to delve deeper. By discussing the parameters and implications of such guarantees, both parties gain clarity on what to expect.

Research shows that setting clear expectations from the outset can significantly impact client satisfaction and retention rates. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, businesses that effectively manage client expectations experience higher levels of loyalty and repeat business.

Furthermore, providing examples of past successful collaborations or case studies can help prospects better understand the practical application of my guarantees. Sharing real-world examples not only builds credibility but also sets a benchmark for future interactions.

Adding Value with "Done-for-You" Services:

Winning Sales with Guarantees and Done-for-You Services  │ Martyna Boss

In the world of high-value offers, including "done-for-you" services can really make my offer shine. But it's important to be careful. Offering services beyond what I'm good at or what my team can handle might cause trouble.

To make this work, I focus on what my business does best. I make sure any "done-for-me" services fit well with my skills and resources. And before making them a big part of my offer, I try them out on a smaller scale to see how they go.

In simple terms, finding the right customers and making my services more appealing can help my business grow. By having honest talks about guarantees and sticking to what I'm good at, I can build strong relationships with customers and keep them happy. And that's the key to success in any business.

The Balance between Guarantees and Client Responsibility:

Winning Sales with Guarantees and Done-for-You Services  │ Martyna Boss

Sure, guarantees sound great, but did you know that clients play a big part too? It's like a team effort – both sides need to be involved. When clients know they're part of the journey, it sets the stage for realistic expectations and a clearer understanding between everyone involved.

Think about it: What if you promised to boost someone's sales, but they didn't put in any effort themselves? That wouldn't work out, right? That's why it's important to have an open conversation about how everyone can contribute to reaching their goals. If you are adding guarantees, there need to be requirements on the client's side. Always put them on paper. I had a situation where a client didn't take any actions, couldn't create any valuable content, and expected skyrocketing sales. This type of client should be disqualified during sales calls. If they have no money, time, or work ethic that demands certain results from them, don't close them. They can quickly become nightmare clients, consuming a lot of your and your team's time.

So, here's the deal: Guarantees can attract customers, but success depends on teamwork. By openly discussing guarantees with potential clients and ensuring they're on board with their responsibilities, you're not just selling – you're building trust and setting the stage for success.

As you embark on your journey to grow your online business, remember: It's not just about the promises you make, but the partnerships you build along the way.

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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