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School of Sales on Skool 🧨

School of Sales by Martyna Boss on Skool

My dear Friend! It has been almost 2 months since I post last time on this blog. I can't wait any minute longer! I've been working for over 2 years to really understand my clients biggest paint points and solve it once and forever. Not the easiest task to be honest... but let me share that with you.

Few years ago I understand that most people in coaching, consulting and service providers who are in High-Ticket space have some common problems. Problem with leads and problem with sales. With sales it was easy, I develop new sales strategy and get whole sales process on our team so my clients don't have to handle or touch it anymore. They were grateful and in the end of a day, everyones happy. I thought with leads I can just recommend Ads agency and we will have a lot of leads coming in... and...

Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

The longer I looked at the problem the more I wanted to understand, why is this not working.

But every time we come back to basics.

Who is your ideal client?

What are the problems they want to solve now?

What are their desires?

Even with basics, most multi-7-figure entrepreneurs couldn't answer...

They knew they wanted a lot of clients buying courses, masterminds, and 1:1. They wanted to work with successful people, but no one could specifically show one persona.

This is why ads are not working...

This is why marketing is not bringing any leads...

This is why their programs are not bringing results...

Because they invite everyone, and their offer is not specific and aligned with their expertise.

We started working on offers (oh God, such fun work!), and we started simplifying funnels and creating one offer in a few different but complementary pieces. High-ticket clients still needed low-ticket offers and opposite, those who buy low tickets, understand their next level with a mastermind program. All holistic approach to one client.

Not something can be done in 1 hour, but definitely worth spending time on it! One offer can make millions if solves a specific problem for a specific persona.

Ads are working, organic marketing generates so many leads that sometimes the sales team barely has coffee time ☕️ and people are getting outstanding results.

It will take time, but you will make it. Work on your offer, get beta testers, improve it, launch, and still look at your clients. Improve and improve as long as you solve something that others are missing.

Your client's results are the best marketing ever. And your energy will change once you know what you deliver. Your messaging will change - promise.

  1. Focus on offer

  2. Improve and Get Feedback

  3. Watch results and more problems your clients have

  4. Focus on messaging and helping more people

  5. Build a Lead Generation System

  6. Build a Sales Team or outsource sales

  7. Build a Social Media Team and start the inbound lead generation system

  8. Build a Managing Team and start live events

  9. Create more variations and complimentary offers

  10. Build Mastermind to scale next year

In 1 year from now, you could make more than $1,000,000.

Stop looking for shortcuts, focus on your work.

If you are looking to generate 700 qualified leads in 7 days join my School of Sales - it is a free course and program.

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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