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How to feel confident on the sales call?

Updated: May 16

Martyna Boss Consulting High-Ticket Sales

Is it really possible to feel confident when it comes to sales? Most people don’t think so! So let me teach you simple techniques to help you overcome that fear - I’m here to tell you that it is entirely possible! How would it feel on your next call, if you could feel no fear and simply start talking to your prospect like your new bestie (ok, almost like that 😅).

Firstly - it is important to feel good about selling your offer. While sales calls are not the only way to sell you offer, it is one of the most effective ways to sell high-ticket services to begin with. Once you build your audience, your brand and PR, you can start converting your clients through your sales funnels. But for now, lets focus on sales calls.

Thats right, I said Sales calls?! Omg 😱 People like to use icky, weird, and embarrassing words when describing sales calls. This confused me and opened a massive gap for coaches who will tell you that you don't have to make any sales call to build a seven-figure business. And that is 50% true. Once you create your Facebook group, YouTube channel, or mailing list (or all of them), then people will buy from you. But no one will tell you that it is super hard work to build that social media platform to the point where you build a real relationship with your audience. 😅 I have met quite a few people with a "big Insta audience" who made $0 or just a little from their audience.

Let me go back to the "bad feelings" during sales calls... If you feel bad, it usually means you don't believe that offer will help your prospect. Sales calls become difficult when you don't think you're able to help your clients, or you don't love yourself enough to dive into new relationships with your clients, or you don't think you deserve payments of $5k, $50k or even $100k for your service.

If you feel like your offer is not converting enough clients or simply want to create a new one, check out my free challenge here:

Martyna Boss Consulting High-Ticket Sales

When you have that perfect client and know how to solve her or his problem, it's just selfish to NOT sell your offer to them, isn't it?! Let's look at this a little bit closer.

If your client had a problem and you were entirely certain that your offer could solve it, would you feel bad about talking to them about it? Of course not. Don't worry; your first offer might be completely different from your two-years-later offer simply because you improve it over time.

I also mentioned that you might sell someone else's offer, which might be a new concept for you. You can learn how to market and sell other people's services successfully. You don't even need a big or any audience to start doing this. That might be a fantastic career for you, plus you will get training for free 🤓.

Go into a FB group for closers and check out the offers. So many coaches and consultants are looking for closers who can simply take calls and close new prospects for them. There are different paid models, like salary + commission or commission based. The commission paid is usually 5-25%, depending on the price point of services that you offer. I was also involved in multi-seven-figures offer, where commissions were only 0,5-3%, and that was still worth it! These rules are similar in real estate.

When I built my first business partnerships and made my first high ticket sales, I had no clue what I was doing at this time. I was more surprised that I actually sold something with my poor skillset. 😂

If you change your mindset around sales and start seeing yourself as a problem solver (as long as your solution solves the problem - if not, just work on a better solution), stop talking about your company. You will also stop mentioning the results, numbers, and all the things that again do not matter to your prospects. Instead, talk to your potential clients like your future friends (one day, they might even be your friends 😉) and listen to what THEY NEED.

Martyna Boss Consulting High-Ticket Sales

Once I learn how to listen and craft my offer to their needs, my sales skills explode. My closing rate became over 35%. My sales call, instead of 45 minutes long story short, become 7-15 minutes straight to the point calls. It's not about your brand or numbers - it's about THEM. Listen and hear their desires. Really listen. Ask what needs to happen in order for you and him/her to do business together. Get their objections right away. Make this simple and effective.

If you imagine someone on the call with a cloud before them, you will see this cloud is full of things stopping them from buying your product/service immediately. So you need to learn how to move this cloud (let's call this an objections cloud), go straight to their minds, and present the solution they need.

And the last, most important thing I can share with you. The more self-confident you become - the more trust and credibility you can earn.

It will help if you become a steady entrepreneur, building relationships and enjoying yourself and your team. More trust in ourselves equals more sales. More Self Love equals more sales.

With years of selling multiple five and six-figure deals, I have learnt one thing, no one cares about you, your offer, or your brand if it does not serve them. Your prospects need to feel that it is all about them. Period. If you get that, you can close a $100k deal today. Ok, you also need to understand how to attract those clients, but this blog is all about high-ticket prospecting and sales, so make sure to signup for my newsletter, so you will never miss a new blog post and also I’ll share seven resources that will help you sell your offer and grow your business!

There are also the following levels of this journey! Once you know how to pitch your ideas and how to close, you can change your model from one-to-one to one-to-many! All you need to do is record a video sales letter with your sales pitch and watch how a few hundred people are sold daily to your offer.

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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Joshua Luna
Joshua Luna
14 lis 2023

Mindset shift: See yourself as problem solver!


Learning from you Girl!

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