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Three steps to succeed in business (and life)

Updated: May 16

How was your third week of the New Year? Did you get any sales yet or land new clients? I just came back from Christmas/new year holiday and checked out my calendar - new clients are booked and ready to start working with me 🚀

This is only possible if you have effective lead generation and close strategy + dedicated team to support you.

Having this sales strategy might be unclear - where to even start...

But there are three steps to succeed in business (and life).

The first step: You need a clear dream and detailed vision of your ideal business/life!

This is your explanation WHY do you work so hard? Get some time and be 100% clear on this.

If you make an extra $100 from sales daily, what would you buy or invest back into yourself or your business?

How about an extra $1,000? Would that pay for debts? Buy organic food? Start investing in real estate?

What would you do with $10,000 extra per day? Would you go on a luxury vacation? Change your car? Upgrade your home and office? Just wear designer clothes?

My Friend, it is all possible. Feel it. There are people making way more a day, so why you can't make it? YOU CAN.

Check out my blog post about core values here 👇

The second step: Know the directions to get there.

You know what you want and your core values, and make those right decisions in seconds. Now is the show time. Check out your numbers...

1 client = $1 000 per month

5 clients = $5 000 per month

10 clients = $10 000 per month

25 clients = $25 000 per month

100 clients = $100 000 per month

250 clients = $250 000 per month

1,000 clients = $1 000 000 per month

You see this clearly now. And that is possible with only a $1000 Course or Masterclass. We sell our client pre-recorded course for $12 000 - so you can do the math.

Ask yourself - do I know anybody who sells more than 100, 1000 or 10 000 courses or masterclasses monthly?

Choose the best price and check how many clients you need monthly to achieve your financial goals. Of course, we all have different goals and that's ok.

Choose what's best for you and create that one Masterclass, program or course - you know what you have on your plate and how you gonna share it. If you are an expert in any field, and you are not selling your expertise - all these numbers above these hundreds if not thousands of people every month are missing solutions to their struggles.

Think about sales like serving and helping other people.

If you are struggling with sales, I'll share something absolutely cool next week that helps you get to a consistent $25k a month! Stay tuned and open my two emails from the newsletter for more info 🥰 You can sign up on the bottom of this page.

The third step: Plan your work & work your plan.

"For I know the plans I have for you,"

declares the Lord, "plans for welfare and

not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

- Jeremiah 29:11 -

You can achieve anything in life if you are going to achieve it with good intentions and create a plan. Life is a test. We only attract things that we are ready for. The hardest part is to stick to the plan. We have all of these distractions out there. To stay focused as long as possible, check out this article on my blog and get my planner to change every plan into actionable steps and schedule your daily priorities.

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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Love every sentence and learning from you Martyna!


Sierra Dawn
Sierra Dawn
Feb 12, 2023

This really makes so much sense and seeing the steps broken down like this makes me wonder why I have been so stuck.

Actionable steps, clarity... these are things that will help me propel my business forward. Not to mention reduce how much of my hair I am pulling out!

Thank you so much for this! *off to read more blog posts*

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