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How to make the right business decisions daily? + PDF WORKBOOK

Updated: Feb 8

Have you ever felt a little bit empty even after accomplishing impressive goals? It's simply because you are not living with integrity with your authentic self, and your decisions are affected by tons of non-valuable and confusing information from social media and tv.

It’s time to take your life into your hands and begin living from a place of honesty and genuity . Are you ready to become the truest version of yourself, taking only the smartest and most effective actions in life and business?

Let's dive in 👇


The right decisions should always honor your values. Have you taken the time to get crystal clear on your true values? We may think we know them… but if someone asks you in the middle of the night of the top of your head,, you might have a problem.

What do we even mean by our ‘true values’? Once we define them, we should see them as the foundation for our ‘house’. If a house has strong foundations, it will stand the test of time. What do you really value? Perhaps its freedom, love, understanding, tolerance, or maybe its adventure or learning? Think of your top five. Service to others? God?

When you know what they are, next you must establish how to define them

If you haven’t already, take some time to understand a clear sense of your values. Decide your top 3, then your top 5 and then your top 10 values.

Making decisions will be easier and less overwhelming! Simply lead with your values and the way forward will become clearer.

Journaling about your values can help tremendously. Release all judgment and see what transpires. Values are your answers, and you will immediately see through journaling if a decision makes sense based on your values..

When we set a firm foundation we can become a more stable entrepreneur approaching life and business with intention.

I've created a PDF with 100 core values to help you choose!

Download it here for FREE 👇


Is your decision making honoring your future vision? Here is another time I want to encourage you to create a clear vision and mission for your life. It may take a little extra work, but it will take your life and business to the next level of simplicity in the long run! I swear! If you were to make decisions based on the last five years, and let’s say during that time you have struggled financially or with your health, how will that impact your decision? - Of course, it will affect it in a very negative way. You might even be making decisions from the place of scarcity or lack or fear 😰 so instead of going out of your comfort zone, you will stay in a safe and usually poor place in your life 🤐

Try not to make decisions based on who you have been, as the chances are you don’t want to be that person anymore. You want to make decisions based on who you want to be! What kind of life do you want to have? What type of person do I need to become to get my dream life? Is that ok if I sleep every day until 10 am, and I can still build an empire? 😅 Oh, I might learn how to wake up early to finish my tasks at 1 pm and have time to raise my kids🥰 and enjoy my life. Usually, people make decisions based on comfort and don't even think about making any challenges. They want to progress but without showing their weaknesses! And we all know that no pain - no gain 🚀

So next time you need to make a critical decision, think about these things and ask yourself - if the decision really is connected to your future self or if are you just making a decision based on your past self and past experience. If you start from the best place for your future self, you open yourself up to new possibilities of growth and expansion, all key components to up-leveling our lives.


Challenge time! I already mentioned it in part 2, but we need to think about it too. If you are thinking 🤔 about a decision that feels uncomfortable - great! That will build your character and make you feel more responsible. The more difficult decisions we must take, the more accountable we will become. And that's the best way to level up truly. If your hardest decision during the day could be choosing a restaurant, you will never become an action taker, and once you need to make the right choices, you will fail or disappear.

Stop blaming “life”, “parents”, “business partners” or random circumstances. You have to become responsible for the most challenging choices; that means you are the only one who can handle that pressure! You should be proud of yourself.

I was angry with my environment for a long time that no one supported me with these hard choices until I understood that was my superpower. They are incapable of taking that level of responsibility. 🚀

If you feel that you are ready to start your business or your business is not bringing you consistent profit every month, then you might love my free challenge:


Make decisions that help you serve others. That is a contribution to others. If your decision will make a difference to your family, company, or even generation, that is taking the level of that decision to an altogether higher level.

Once you learn how to have more impact on others, you will understand how to get out of the ego side and transition into being an honest servant. It's essential to combine all of these 4 points; so they work together for a combined effect.

If you need help with being accountable for your vision, you can check out my Planner, where every quarter, you will create your own accountability with consistently envisioning "myself now" and "myself in 3 months".

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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Such a beautiful workbook!! Thank You, Martyna.

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