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How to create a self-development plan? + Printable PDF Workbook 🎁

Updated: Feb 8

An effective self-development plan can help you grow your business and become a better version of yourself. The benefits are vast, and it is also crucial for building success, happiness, and self-esteem.

It may sound a little overwhelming if you are just starting in business. Not only do you have to manage your business, but you also have to learn the skills required to succeed. Learning new things can be exciting, but we need to make sure we stay strategic with our actions to avoid getting overwhelmed or burnout. For example, do not rush to buy a book or course immediately when someone recommends it. Simply add it to your wish list. This means YOU are in control of what influences you when. It will also help you avoid the direction of what is more important for you now.

If you are looking for a planner that helps you keep your book-to-read list and more useful resources, check out my planner here:


Self-development plan can help you achieve the next level in your life and business. It’s a simple yet effective plan that gives you direction and moves forward faster to your dreams.

Solid self-development plan:

  • Shows you a specific plan for what to read, listen & watch to improve your skillset

  • Create a timeline for learning new things so that you will feel more in control of your personal & business growth

  • Gives you a very specific strategy, which daily actions you should take to change your dreams into a reality

  • It is a necessary tool for all high-achievers and ambitious business owners

  • Help you track your progress on a very professional level

I can’t say you can live without a self-development plan, but I believe it will change your life.

Secure time in your calendar for your self-development plan

Plan time to level up your skillset - you can start every month, quarter, or year depending on how difficult the new thing or skill is. Let me give you an example - if you want to become a public speaker, you might need a year or two to improve your skill. Want to learn how to sell a high ticket offer - a quarter is more than enough 🙌

Clear Vision

Before you start working on your self-development plan, you need to be clear about what you want. Be specific. Most people live day by day and still didn’t figure out what is their life mission. A Vision board might be helpful. Every day ask yourself what your purpose is, and what you want. Don’t say Money & Health. Why do you want more money? Do you have a plan for what to do with this money? Maybe you have overcome some challenges and can help others do the same. Make sure to find a meaningful mission so you have more motivation to achieve it.

4 questions to ask yourself before creating your self-development plan

Whenever you ask yourself a question, it will help you get more clarity on this. Based on your long-term vision, ask yourself these powerful questions, so your dreams come true faster.

1. What kind of skills do I need to learn to achieve each of my long-term goals?

This is important to understand what to learn and what to unlearn. It can often be overlooked in the online space, but it is good to understand that if you want to be wealthy & successful, you may also need to unlearn things like self-doubt, procrastination, or limiting beliefs. It will demand work and reprogramming, but it is so worth it! You ask for help from someone who already achieves it.

2. Which skills are critical for my success? - these are the skills you should learn first 🚀

I know some people believe that you need money to make money. But if that is the absolute truth, then people in debt or bankruptcy would never recover. Your number one skill in business is being resourceful. Running a business demands a mix of creativity and dedication to our goals. Make sure to discuss with your coach or mentor which skills need to be improved first.

3. Which days and time can I dedicate to improving my skillset? + Book this time in your calendar 📅

Taking smart actions and booking time for education in your calendar can transform your life in the best way. Once this time is dedicated, all you have to do is show up and learn. Sometimes you might be learning with low intention, sometimes with full focus, but remember, it’s about making progress, not being a perfectionist.

4. What % of my profit can I invest in my skillset (recommended is 10%) monthly/quarterly

After my second bankruptcy, I went on an “honest walk” in the forest and decided to list all my mistakes. I took full responsibility for them and prepared a plan never to repeat those mistakes. Today I see my mistakes as the best life & business lessons.

Budget for a self-development plan

If you are making money, but then your money disappears, you might love my simple money management system. I’ve created this system based on Napoleon Hill’s books, which still works for me and all my businesses. I add small tweaks with taxes but feel free to adapt this system to your needs.

So every revenue that jumps into my business bank account is minus taxes. And those tax amounts go straight to a separate account that is used to invest in the stock market and daily trading, so before I pay taxes, this money already works for me.

50% of all revenue (after taxes) goes to my private account, and I’m treating this as my profit/salary. Another 50% of the amount goes to separate accounts:

10% investment account

10% entertainment account

10% education account

20% savings and bigger investments account

This 10% on education is your budget for coaching, courses, book, and all resources that will help you develop your skillset. If you are making $10k a month, that means you have around $1000 every month to invest in yourself. No worries if you are not making $10K; that only means it's time to invest in your business development, marketing, and sales skills. Start with affordable group coaching or pre-recorded programs if you have never invested $1000 in coaching. Once you learn that every $100 spent on education gives you knowledge on how to make $1000, you will be more open to investing more in your self-development.

Make those smart decisions every day, don't buy the newest iPhone for $1000, but find someone in the position you would love to be in a few years and buy something from them. Consume every content they share, I'm learning every day, and I love it!

You will notice there are no business costs at all, but usually, my business expenses are covered by one of my other businesses. If you have one business, then leave part of your salary on the business account and use it as your business expenses account.

This system has more hidden gifts because if you know how to invest your money, then you almost don’t pay taxes and can reinvest money from your tax account. This system can start working for you once you make a minimum five-figure monthly profit. And I promise you, after implementing it - you will never struggle with money.

If you are not making five figures a month, then check out my free challenge:

Once you have a clear vision and skillset, you need time for planning, and this is the moment where the self-development plan comes in. You need to choose the most critical skill and start researching which books/courses & audio courses can help you develop this specific skill. Most people read random books and learn different things and never truly develop the skillset that is needed for their business and career.

Why is it so important to focus on one skill at a time? Because you will learn this faster! We already have so many distractions. Plus, you have a higher chance of finishing your plan.

I usually create a list of 3-5 books + 1-2 courses on one skill per month. I also make a list of 5 skills and the best books to help you start working on your self-development plan 💕 You can download this now 👇

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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Super helpful! How can I subscribe to your blog?


the link doesn't work! :(

Lea Mae Salvador
Lea Mae Salvador
Jul 06, 2023
Replying to

The Link is now working please check :)


Vandana Poddar
Vandana Poddar
Jan 17, 2023

This is so helpful! Especially the Napolean hill financial distrubing


This is so helpful! I feel like I'm a self-dev junkie but always feel overwhelmed when it comes to actually taking action. The steps make it so that I can easily focus on the things that will really matter and gives me the clarity I need. Thanks!


Brittany E. Conn
Brittany E. Conn
Jan 16, 2023

Such a refreshing read! I love the perspective of letting your money work for you (especially pre-tax)! This is definitely a lesson that I plan to implement in the future!

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