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11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023

Updated: Feb 21

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

Navigating the world of selling services, coaching and consulting, particularly those of the high-ticket variety, is akin to conducting a symphony. Each note, each pause, and crescendo in your sales strategy needs to harmonize perfectly to create the masterpiece that is a closed deal.

Throughout 2023, I've had the opportunity to refine my approach and, through trial and error, close over $3.7M in coaching services. The journey wasn't just about meeting a sales goal; it was a transformative odyssey that brought forth several revelations about the art and science of selling coaching expertise.

Here, I unravel the top 11 lessons learned that could serve as invaluable insights for entrepreneurial minds, business owners, and aspiring coaches looking to not just close deals, but establish long-lasting business prosperity.

I’m sharing my personal experiences after 17 years in business and sales, and 4 years closing deals online, feel free to share your experience in the comments sedition below - I’ll be more than happy to continue that discussion. I commit to personally replying to all comments twice a week, so make sure to leave your comments below if you are reading my blog.

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

1. Politeness Equals Value

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

One surprising yet welcome revelation in the high-ticket coaching service domain is the correlation between cost and client politeness. It seems counterintuitive - the more expensive the service, the nicer the clients, right? In my experience, this is often true.

When prospects are willing to invest significantly in coaching, they understand the value of professional respect. Treated with the highest level of courtesy, prospects are more likely to reciprocate, making the sales interaction a positive and productive one.

Usually, people who buy below $10,000 tend to have enormous expectations. Also, people who invest more also do more, which helps a lot with their results. That’s the best clients and a pure pleasure to work with. There is a reason why these people have money, they are not afraid of taking risks and work hard to achieve something.

When I had clients investing $5,000 - $10,000, they usually asked for ROI, how quickly they can get money back, etc., because they never invested in themselves and didn’t understand the value.

With high-ticket investing $20,000 - $100,000 is different, they already made multiply investments and they know they are the only one who is responsible for results. Usually, ask how quickly they can implement your model or consulting to their business and how many people they need to hire for help. 2 different prices and 2 different approaches. 

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

2. Pre-qualification is Key

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

A low closing rate can be an early indicator of a faulty sales system. More often than not, a lack of proper pre-qualification methods within the sales funnel is to blame. Not vetting potential clients properly could be the biggest sales mistake, wasting time and resources.

Implementing robust pre-qualification procedures ensures that your time is spent with those most likely to convert and not on tire kickers or those with no intention or ability to purchase.

The simplest way to disqualify and qualify your prospects in your sales funnel is to use statements like “this is perfect for you, if… you are a business owner with a minimum $500,000 yearly revenue, etc…” and “this is not for you, if… you are a coach who is looking for get-rich-quick formula and is not willing to invest in your business, etc…”. You can add it to your opt-in pages, sales pages, Calendly links, and any place your clients will see before they buy from you.

So simple, so effective. This way, you will not waste your and your sales team's time on useless sales calls with people who can’t buy or don’t understand the value of your service.

3. Niche Focus Wins

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

The temptation to cast a wide net in sales and marketing is alluring, but in reality, it's a perilous path, particularly for high-ticket services. A scattergun approach dilutes your message and outreach efforts, often attracting leads who aren't the best fit for your services. Focus on your ideal client - what they look like, what they value, and where they congregate.

This targeted approach not only streamlines your efforts but also ensures that every sales interaction is tailored to a potential high-value client's unique needs and interests. You will enjoy working with your soul-mate clients more and stop attracting those who get your energy and don’t do the work. 

4. Clear Client Criteria

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

Vagueness produces vacancies in your client roster that could be filled by those who neither understand nor appreciate your services and mission. Vague client criteria can attract those I call "weirdo" clients - those whose values, personality, or needs do not align with what you offer.

By being clear about who you want to serve, you can niche down your messaging and marketing, leading to a client base that perfectly matches your offerings. Simply create a folder in Asana or Drive and ask your sales team to save every objection, desire and question your prospects have.

First of all - you can use these statements to create extremely effective marketing and talk to your ideal clients' desires, reply to their objections before they will even jump on the call, and that will make your closing process much easier and faster! On top of that, that will help your sales team engage with the social media team and help them convert more prospects into clients.

Is this sound like a win-win scenario? You can even make it more effective using AI software that analyzes calls and data from calls and gets more data. Remember, there are no 2 same businesses, and business development is always about individual approaches and improving what we have.

5. The Mastermind Goldmine

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

The mastermind format is a goldmine for both coaches and clients. It offers a unique blend of group dynamics, personal development, peer support, and a more accessible price point than one-on-one coaching. If you're not already offering a mastermind, you are likely leaving significant revenue on the table.

Beyond the immediate financial returns, a mastermind can foster a rich, interconnected, lucrative, and rewarding community. Usually, when we are working with a coach or consultant who is already offering courses and 1:1 services, Masterminds is something that can easily add a 7-figure profit even in the first year of launching it to your offer.

How? All people who are not interested in courses or don’t know you well enough might be crazy about this Mastermind option. That allows them to have access to a coach, but also have a great team around them with similar goals.

Ready to take your coaching to the next level? Join the Sales Camp Waitlist now to secure your spot and discover how the mastermind format can elevate your business!

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

6. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

Selling high-ticket coaching services can be an intense, time-consuming activity. While the business owner often takes on the sales role, this shouldn't be the case long-term. Building a reliable sales team or outsourcing to an expert sales agency can significantly increase your profit margins. By delegating the sales process, you free yourself to focus on the strategic growth of your business and the delivery of high-quality content and services.

So fire yourself from being a Sales Manager, Lead Gen Expert, and all these positions you thought are CEO. 

7. Fire Yourself, Hire a CEO

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

Many business owners fall into the trap of trying to be everything in their business. The truth is, at a certain point, you need to strive to be a CEO - Chief Executive Officer rather than a Chief of Everything Officer. This shift involves relinquishing control over certain aspects, particularly sales, and hiring or training someone who can manage and lead the sales process with the same care and expertise as you.

8. Qualify Rigorously

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

Sales are often won or lost in the qualifying stage. One of the most prevalent mistakes is attempting to close unqualified leads. High-ticket offers, in particular, should not be wasted on prospects who do not meet the necessary criteria - be it financial health, business maturity, or personal readiness to engage with the material. Instead, take a step back and consider offering these individuals a course or more affordable program where they can still benefit from your expertise without the high investment.

That will show that you care about your audience and deliver value based on their expertise level. Also, I saw that coaches with really advanced expertise wanted to sell their offer to entry-level entrepreneurs, which is very unethical, and I really don’t like this approach.

If you are running a 9-figure business, you might not remember how it is to go from a solopreneur to a small business owner role. There are enough clients on each level of business. Invite people two steps behind you, not 20, to learn from you so you can understand them better and help them do what you did in your life/business in the last 2 - 3 years. Does that sound fair enough?

9. Continuous Customer Research

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

Understanding the evolving needs and pain points of your client base is a must have in every business. Deep, continuous customer research arms you with the insights needed to keep your services relevant and valuable. Create feedback loops, conduct regular surveys, and monitor industry trends to stay ahead. 

If you already have many clients, ask them what challenges they are facing next, so you can improve the existing offers and create next-level offers so they can stay with you longer. If you are not creating next-level offers, they will go to competitors for those solutions.

To make it effective, organize every 2-3 months virtual or in-person coffee chat events, and discuss their problems. Make sure to have prepared a special offer on these events, because people who bought from you once are just waiting - thank me later.

10. Mindset & Personal Branding Power

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

In the current business climate, personal branding is not just an asset but a necessity. Your brand is often the tipping point in landing high-ticket clients. It sets you apart, builds trust, and establishes you as an authority in your field. Invest in your brand - through content, networking, and thought leadership - to amplify your sales efforts and attract those who resonate with your mission.

Today’s best real estate agents have massive YouTube channels and Instagram accounts and use them to build a bigger client base. Learn from them and apply to your industry. Instead of commenting on crazy tiktoks, share opinions and valuable content related to your niche. It will pay off faster than you think.

11. Emotional Intelligence in Sales

11 Lessons I Learned from Closing $3.7M Coaching Services in 2023 │ Martyna Boss

In customer-centric fields like coaching, emotional intelligence (EQ) can be the secret weapon in sales. EQ enables you to understand your client's perspective, genuinely address their concerns, and guide them through decision-making with empathy and clarity.

As emotional stakes are often high in high-ticket sales, a high level of EQ can mean the difference between a deal won and a deal lost. In the world of AI, software, and automation, improving your sales skillset is a must-have skill. Last week, I recorded all episode about the five most important sales skills in 2024 - and you can check it out here:

Remember, the path to success involves continuous learning, adaptation, and focusing your efforts where they count the most.

These were my 11 lessons from 2023; I’m looking forward to your feedback in the comments, and let’s crush this 2024 together. 

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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Martyna, your point on pre-qualification is a game-changer! Implementing that ASAP in my sales funnel. Thanks for the tip – looking forward to more success with targeted leads.

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