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How to Be Hyperfocus at work?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Martyna Boss Blog

Want to be focused when you are working or studying? Who doesn’t? This article will dive into focus and why we sometimes struggle - what we need to eliminate and how to get back on track.

I remember learning math and physics in high school. I could go to the library on Sunday, spend 8-9 hours learning math, and have two 10 minutes breaks. I ate one sandwich and drank water. That was all I needed!

When was the last time you could focus on one task for 8, lol, for even 4-5 hours?!

I know, that was over two decades ago, and we didn’t have social media. But is social media the only problem of lack of focus?

Mostly yes! Every day different platforms make faster and more intensive content. They push us (with push notifications 🥵) to swipe more, like more, follow more, etc.; even static graphics are not that cool anymore… everything needs to be flashy and just dancing 💃 around - no option to follow trends for more than one or two platforms.

The world is crazy 😜 and at the same time, it has become so natural. We love watching other people's lives. And 4 million people also like watching how the housewife organizes the kitchen and drops raw pasta into glass jars using a sensitive microphone 🎤 so it sounds better... Why not?

But what to do to be focused and finally get things done? Or stop procrastinating? I’ve found a few solutions, so let me dive into the details 💕

Martyna Boss Blog

Use a Planner

Planning is not only crucial, but it’s also one of the vital first steps to success. Most people are not making plans and are not working on business plans - around 98% of people, in fact! But, as you know, only 1-2% of people are truly successful 🚀 so we can connect the dots.

These days, only 40% of startups have a business plan, which means the other 60% have yet to decide what they want, where they are going, or how they will get there! And chances are, they are probably too busy to figure it out.

When you ask the average person what they want, most will say they want to be healthy, wealthy, and free of stress. But what exactly does mean? The devil is in the detail! Ask for details, and you will find that not many will be able to give you a detailed plan on what they want and their action plan to get there...this is so sad because if they spent some time understanding their dreams better, quantifying them and creating actionable steps - they could get it!

Don't be ‘that’ person that gets swept along in the tide of life.. You have the choice, so why not make your life meaningful and inspire others along the way👩‍🎤 You have the right to be happy and fulfilled. And your plans and dreams to a vision board or use my free desktop organizer and vision board in one if you are working from your laptop.

Create the plan, and have the vision. Check out how it costs your dream life. I plan my life long-term and also every quarter. My planner can help you change bigger goals into actionable steps. It also includes sections on working on new habits, having challenges, creating a book list to read, weekly and daily planning, bullet journal, and much more. Check out my planner here:

One Project at a time

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of having too many projects on the go. Sometimes, without a long list of projects, we feel like we are not working hard enough.

Doing a lot does not equate to working hard or achieving a lot! This is a ridiculous thing I have ever heard, but still, so many people can't believe you can succeed and be healthy, happy, and enjoy the process.

Yes, it will take hard work to create your multi-six-figure business, but once you have a team and system in place, it can become fun and effortless. I have met many people who believe that if you want to be rich 🤑 you need to be an evil person who uses people...I'm not saying everyone is a saint, but not every successful person is a devil 😈.

These limiting beliefs (hint! That is all they are!) often keep poor people poor and stuck people. I know without a doubt that if you are a hard-working, open-minded person, only you can put limitations on what you can achieve!

So if you want to be closer to your dream life, I can share one secret: take on fewer projects and not more! We all have limited time, and that makes it more valuable than money 💵. It's better to finish one project per quarter and build your self-esteem than take three big projects and not finish even one.

Every project needs to be planned in detail. Then these steps should be added to your calendar with time blocks so you will be aware of how much time you need😅 if you are new to all planning and time blocking methods, don't hesitate to estimate 2,5 more times for this first project than planned 🙂 The golden rule says Less is more.

And that could not be truer when it comes to projects or investments.

Work with other People

Want more time to focus on things that bring you closer to your dream life?

Learn how to work with people, how to hire, delegate and ask about mentoring, advice, and coaching. I always worked hard and put in crazy hours until I built my first team. Then I had to learn new skills like management, team communication, and leadership. Managing a team can also be hard work, but once you build a highly-qualified team, things will start to run smoothly. As a team can do 10x more.

Your team is not an expense, it is an investment. And not just a financial one. You need to invest your time and energy as well as money.

On average, if you want to build your team and management team, you will hire and fire like crazy. Often, you need to hire five people for one position to find your perfect fit. That is your empire or Fempire :) But also, you can’t expect someone to join your team and simply deliver outstanding results without your guidance. Everything needs to be clear, what time you communicate, if you are working remotely, what ROI is, what it means to do a task, etc. Before implementing any automation, make sure that all systems and tasks you and your team manage to make sense.

The most important thing when it comes to building teams is to be a role model. I learned this during my 17 years of experience building my teams. I've built an IT team, a computer game team, a beauty business team, a construction company team, and my consulting and sales team. It always comes down to one thing (like most things in your life) - YOU.

If you are frustrated or upset with your team member because they don’t deliver on time, first make sure you always respond to them quickly and give them all the resources they need. If you are always on time with everything, tell your team to keep the deadlines, but your actions speak louder than your words. If you are constantly not delivering or not showing up for your team, don’t expect them to work better than you. This is why so many entrepreneurs are struggling these days.

It’s not about lazy employees but also about company culture. Remember, you are the first one to create this culture. If people in your management role or executive people act a certain way - they do this only because someone shows them. People usually look to people in the higher position (yes, YOU) to understand how to work - what is allowed and what is not.

Be dedicated to your priorities

Say no as the first reaction to every new thing that comes to you. To get to a yes, check out your planner or focus list. If the opportunity/project helps you get closer or faster to your dreams, then see if you have room to schedule it. If not, say bye-bye. Without a tangible benefit to your or your business, it is only a distraction 🙆 Having this critical thinking in business instead of saying YES on every new opportunity shows us as experienced entrepreneurs, not newbies. When you start trying everything but growing and scaling, you need to focus on fewer things and prioritize to the next level.

I often suffer from “shiny object syndrome,” so I need to check my planner pretty often. I also found that having five priorities related to your dream each week and starting a day with one priority can make magic. Just try and see what can happen!

But Coffee First

If you are like me, then no coffee = no work. I’ve tried to stop drinking coffee many times, but my blood pressure is below average and I‘m usually in zombie mode. After coffee, I can work 24/7, and since I’m a mom, I stopped working crazy hours. I love working and coffee, so …

What is your ‘go-to’ work drink? If you don’t know yet, why not find out? Try matcha, green tea, coffee, or whatever works for you. For me, it’s like a start button and helps me focus on work. Everyone is different, so choose what’s best for you and your health. Create a routine that prepares you to start working, get your favorite perfumes, make your tea, read the book and go.

5000 - 10 000 Steps

I started walking after having my baby, trying to achieve 5-10k steps consistently. Daily walks in parks and nature have a tremendous influence on my creativity and my mood. I barely exercised during my pregnancy, so it was too overwhelming to return to intensive training. I found walking a really cool thing. If you are not into this fitness / gym-obsessed world, it might be a perfect solution for you to start being more active.

First and foremost, it will immediately improve your physical and mental health. Start with 5k steps. Set up an app and daily time to do this, and block your calendar, so you have no excuses. Get your baby on the walk with you if you are a mom or dog mom. When I started, I felt like I could never hit 10k steps, but after two weeks, I started making 6-7k and even started walking on Sundays - which is my mindset/praying day. I'd walk with my partner, with my baby, and sometimes alone.

Walking alone, I will listen to podcasts or enjoy nature.

As an added bonus, if you add this habit to your daily routine, let’s say at 1 pm, it means you have less time to finish all of your priorities in the morning, which is likely to increase your focus and productivity.

If you read this whole article - congratulations 🎉 - your focus level is not that bad!

To effectively hyper-focus, we must practice meditation, exercise regularly, pray, eat healthily, etc. You know that list already - we know these basics, but it is hard to be consistent with. So instead of looking for magic tricks, try to wake up earlier and use this fantastic morning time to plan your day and create routines that work for you. I found that reading books daily also boosts my focus like crazy 📚

Let me know the best habit that helps you hyperfocus in the comments.

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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Love this post! It remaind me about basics I have to do daily to really succeed.


I love how this blog articulate whats something on my mind. I love how the writer emphasize the " be a role model to someone; as you lead, your footsteps will be followed" thingyy. It shows that everything starts from us so, if we want a healthy relationship with people and our career, we must be an effective leader. Planning really helps especially when we are tracking our path and focus. It would help us to straight our focus and regain our enery to continue what we really want to achieve in life. Thank you writer for reminding me to plan my dreams <3


Aditi Green
Aditi Green
Jan 13, 2023

I will definitely prioritize 5-10k steps a day! I am going to head out for a walk right now


Sai Durango
Sai Durango
Jan 13, 2023

I love planners and i'm still using it until now even though there are a lot of digital planners existing but it still feels good to write over your thoughts and visions. Love that I get to subscribe to your blogs! This is a great insight.


Monica Rowe
Monica Rowe
Jan 11, 2023

If I can relate to anything is the coffee and need to prioritize. This past year I totally felt off and it was because I started the year without planning. Go figure I ended up doing the same thing this year but I decided that this weekend I am taking the time to plan for the year and make sure that I write out my real goals, ideal outcomes and action plan. And I'm excited that I've found your website because this blog alone needed to be added to my bookmark because its a goldmine of gems I needed to help with my planning process.

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