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Are you ready to           your sales skills?


90% are not making $173 176 and only 1% of earners are making more than $823 763! Ready to join 1%? Keep reading...

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your business.

The Sales Master is the first online coaching space on the market to help you master sales skills and build an effective sales funnel. 


If you are a coach, consultant, or service provider who wants to make a real impact - this exclusive mastermind is exactly for you.


This world needs more 7-figure+ business owners. That's the only way to make it a better place. Not only for us but for our children.

Gain free access to powerful online business tools!


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If you want to build a 7-figure business, we will help you revamp your existing offer and create a scalable offer that the market needs and wants.


We will build a High-Value Offer.

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Our organic attraction strategy is dedicated to businesses that are results driven. You will know exactly what to do every single day in your business and how to work on a business not in the business. That's what makes a real CEO successful.


Our experienced design team will help you build a brand that attracts high-ticket clients who are ready to work on getting results - not just waiting for you to do all the work. Success is never one-man work - it's teamwork.


You can jump on the call with a client or build hundred up-sell/down-sell pages... or you can use our Boutique Business Model and your funnel and sales team can do this work for you.

Focus on your clients and focus on your life - that is the first step to financial freedom.

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Once you have your High-Value Offer it's time to show it to the world. When you are ready to scale your business you have to focus on attracting hundreds of leads every single week or day. And we will show you how to do it in an organic way.

Hi, I am Martyna

I’m thrilled to introduce you to The Sales Master.

As the Founder and CEO of my own multi-disciplinary consulting firm, construction company, architecture studio, property management, Airbnb host, e-com store, IT and real estate, and stock market investor I know what it takes to build and scale a 7-figure business – and I’m excited to share all my strategies with YOU.


Since 2020, I have had the honor to work with over 25 CEOs, YouTubers, influencers, coaches and consultants helping them achieve their business goals and generate over multi-seven figures on average. I have been featured in Brainz Magazine for my expertise in the field of business consulting.
In addition to my studies in Management & Marketing with a specialty in Multimedia Design, I have built an effective sales team that helped me and my clients add more high-ticket soul-mate clients. These skills have been acquired through 17 years of experience and have allowed me to create and execute effective strategies for my clients time and time again.


As your mentor in the CEO Club, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and skillset with YOU and directing you toward developing a complete strategic plan that will take your business to new heights. My goal is to assist you in developing a CEO mindset, mastering strategic planning and market research, creating a consistent brand message across all channels, and effectively implementing plans to achieve optimal business results.


Be ready to take your business to the next level and become a CEO of your dreams. 

Love, Martyna


What you will learn:


The Boutique Business Model is a new way of running a business. Learn this effective strategy to build a 7-figure + coaching, consulting or servicing business.


Build a consistent brand that will attract your ideal soul-mate clients! Start working with people who will appreciate and love your work!


Learn from Martyna Boss directly how to close $3.5M a year in coaching services online - with your laptop. All you need is the right mindset and skillset and we will cover it in details.

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๐Ÿง  CEO Mindset: Learn How to Lead Your Business to 7-Figures
๐Ÿ“ˆ Mastering Strategic Planning: Get a Tailor-Made Plan based on Boutique Business Model™
๐Ÿš€ Marketing Message: Align Your Brand Message Across all Channels for Maximum Lead Generation
๐Ÿงจ Execution Strategy: Get Business Results Through Effective Implementation with Boss Planning System

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๐Ÿ’ก CEO Network: Hot seat coaching experience to get customized advice for your business challenges

๐Ÿฅ‚ Q&A sessions: Ask your burning business questions and get support from an executive business consultant

โ˜•๏ธ Voxer Group: Connect with other like-minded CEOs & Martyna in the Club every day to stay on the wave

๐Ÿ’Œ Get an invitation to in-person events with Martyna and stay accountable with our weekly check-in system

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CEO Strategies:

Generate Qualified Leads &

๐Ÿ’ต Master Sales Skills 

๐Ÿ— Build an Effective Sales Funnel

๐Ÿ– Create Content That Converts Your Prospects Into Lasting Customers

โ˜บ๏ธ Build Your Dream Team That Will Support Your Growth

๐ŸŽ™ Improve Your Leadership To Have a Real Impact




Does any of this sounds like you?

Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice on the internet about growing your business?



Do you want to learn tested methods and best practices for your business?



Do you want to be able to find new customers that will drive your brand and income to new heights?



Well, that's exactly what you can learn with my Sales Master mastermind program!

Your benefits

Build the coaching, consulting or servicing business of your dreams. With a real impact. Enroll Now.

Be successful with your business strategy!


In this program, you will learn how to master Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Sales Skillset, Team Building and many more.



I teach you everything you need to create a powerful online presence for your business.

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Packed with step-by-step training sheets, time-saving templates and helpful online resources, this program will help you to drive your brand to new heights!

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Let's get started!

You are only one click away from skyrocket your business

Use code BETA & get 50% OFF for 6 months!

The CEO Club



Every month

Perfect for Founders who are ready for a $100k months

Valid for 6 months

Weekly Business Strategy Group Coaching Session

Weekly Lead Generation Strategy Group Coaching Session

Voxer App Support Between Live Sessions

Mindset Reframing Sessions To Help You Reconnect

Masterclass: Planning Every Quarter, Month & Week

If you are looking for more advanced support with content repurposing, automated sales systems - check out our 1:1 programs with content repurposing and sales team services. Simply book a call for more details.

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