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Ida’s 3rd Birthday + Life Update

Updated: Feb 8

As Monday approaches, I'm caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and emotions as I get everything ready for my little one, Ida, to step into kindergarten. It's a big step for her and an even bigger one for me as a mom. It feels like just yesterday she was this tiny bundle in my arms, and now she's about to start this new adventure. Motherhood is full of such moments, isn't it?

Ida’s 3rd Birthday + Life Update  │ Martyna Boss

Being a mom is such a beautiful gift, especially watching your baby girl grow right before your eyes. Sending her off to kindergarten is one of those big moments that make me realize how quickly time flies. It's like turning the page to a new chapter in the book of parenthood. You're proud of your child, excited for their journey, but there's also this little tug of nostalgia and maybe a tiny bit of worry as you let go of their little hand and watch them step into the big world.

Preparing for this big day is like getting your garden ready for planting. You want to make sure the soil is just right, nurturing and full of love. From picking out the perfect backpack to packing her lunchbox with her favorite snacks, every little detail feels like a labor of love. It's about creating an environment where she can thrive, learn, and make amazing memories.

Just like a gardener cares for their plants, we moms nurture our children's growth. Kindergarten is like that first drop of rain that helps a little seedling of knowledge and curiosity sprout. It's the start of an incredible journey where they'll learn, explore, and make friends. And as parents, we're right there with them, providing shade on sunny days and shelter during storms.

The first day of kindergarten is like that magical moment when you see the first bud on a rosebush you've been tending to. It's a mix of excitement and maybe a few jitters, knowing your little one is about to unfurl their petals and bloom in this new environment.

But let's not forget about the birthday celebration that happened just before kindergarten started! Despite a few of our guests not being able to make it due to COVID-19, it was a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

As I think back on Ida's third birthday, it brings me right back to my own experiences at that age. There's something special about those early memories, and I want to make sure she has plenty of them to carry in her heart.

Our journey to create those cherished memories started with a trip to Warsaw. We visited our favorite kids' hairdresser, and let me tell you, the excitement in Ida's eyes was something else. During her first visit, she was a bit hesitant, only agreeing to a trim and skipping the hair wash. But this time, she was at a whole new level of confidence. She not only agreed to the haircut but also let us give her adorable bangs. It was like a metaphor for her growing up, little by little, snip by snip.

That trip to the hairdresser was about more than just a haircut; it was about celebrating her growing independence. It was also a reminder that sometimes, the most meaningful moments come from unexpected circumstances, like the pandemic that made us change our plans.

Ida’s 3rd Birthday + Life Update  │ Martyna Boss

We kept the birthday fun going with a visit to our favorite vegan ramen place in Warsaw. If you're a fan of ramen, you have to check this place out. Those savory bowls of noodles and broth were a hit with all of us.

For the birthday party itself, we chose Linden (, in Wrocław, a Montessori-style venue that was an absolute gem. The place was filled with wooden toys and activities that sparked the kids' creativity and imagination. Ida picked out a cake with "Paw Patrol" characters, and it was not only a visual masterpiece but also incredibly delicious, leaving everyone craving seconds.

That day beautifully showcased the love, commitment, and dedication in creating unforgettable moments with our loved ones. It was a celebration of Ida's growth, resilience, and endless curiosity. As a family, we soaked up every moment, grateful for the time freedom that allowed us to organize such a memorable day.

So, here's to the adventures of motherhood, the excitement of kindergarten, and the joy of celebrating birthdays. Life is made up of these beautiful moments, and I can't wait to see what's in store next for my little Ida.

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Martyna Boss

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Amazing life update! Looking forward to see more 🥰

Martyna Boss
Martyna Boss
Nov 20, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I'll be sharing more weekly


Lea Salvador
Lea Salvador
Nov 12, 2023

Best wishes to Ida on her first day of kindergarten! 📚💕 Sounds like her birthday celebration was a blast. Cheers to more beautiful moments ahead!

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