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Dialing In: A Sales Call Guide For Coaches and Consultants

Updated: May 16

Dialing In: A Sales Call Guide For Coaches and Consultants  │ Martyna Boss

Let’s talk about the biggest elephant in the room in running a business - SALES. Most coaches and consultants are afraid of this word. But I do get it, doing sales calls is a cutthroat environment. One wrong word, delivery and tone, you’ll now be at the brink of not closing the deals.

Yet doing sales calls is the heartbeat of many businesses, the secret sauce that connects your amazing services or products with potential clients. Some coaches and consultants even hire sales reps to do this because of the lack of sales skills. Their reason? It’s overwhelming because it’s a live action environment where anything can happen over the phone.

Here’s the best part, like any other skills you can learn and master sales calls. With the right approach and a handful of tactics and techniques, you can turn these sales calls into a powerful tool in growing your business.

If you’re struggling doing Sales Call, read on! Because I’m going to spill the tea on the strategies I use.

Understanding the Essence of Sales Calls

Dialing In: A Sales Call Guide For Coaches and Consultants  │ Martyna Boss

As a coach or consultant, you're not just an expert in your field; you're also an entrepreneur responsible for the success of your business. you're also the driving force behind your business's success. And part of that success story involves you having to tighten up your budget to get more profit which means you have to hold yourself back from outsourcing tasks too much. Well it’s just part of the process. We all have to walk down this path. One key task you don’t want to outsource at first is Sales, because you can do it on your own in the first few years of your business.

First things first, what is sales? It's not just a transaction; it's a transfer of energy, a connection waiting to happen. Now, when we talk about a sales call, we're talking about an unsolicited phone call you make to a potential customer. Your mission? To find a way to connect to the business owner, solve their problems and make business along the way. It's your chance to spill the beans about what you've got to offer and hopefully light that spark of curiosity that leads to a deal. Sales calls can wear two hats: B2C (business-to-customer) and B2B (business-to-business).

In a B2C scenario, you'll be reaching out to individual consumers, presenting your services or products to meet their personal needs or desires. On the other hand, B2B sales calls involve targeting individuals in decision-making roles within other businesses. These calls aim to pitch potential collaborations or partnerships that can benefit both parties.

Now that we've established what sales calls are, let's explore how to make them work effectively for your coaching or consulting business.

Crafting the Perfect Sales Call Strategy

Dialing In: A Sales Call Guide For Coaches and Consultants  │ Martyna Boss

Riches in Niches: As a coach and consultant I know you have the experience and knowledge to walk the talk. So why not put that into work? Target a niche audience that vibes with your expertise. By zooming in on a niche, you can fine-tune your pitch to tackle their unique challenges and dreams. Your deep understanding of their world? Instant credibility and trust builder.

Craft Personalized Solutions: Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach! Instead, give your prospects personalized solutions. You will not give a cookie-cutter service but rather a bespoke experience. Show them you've got their back by addressing their unique needs. Share stories and case studies of real people (maybe even some of your clients) who faced similar challenges and came out shining with your tailored approach.

Stories Sells: Weave the art of storytelling into your sales calls. Share anecdotes and real-life examples of how your coaching or consulting has made a difference. Storytelling humanizes your services and allows prospects to envision the transformation you can facilitate. Whether it's a client who achieved a career breakthrough or a business that experienced exponential growth, stories create a lasting impact.

Be Authentic, Be You: Here’s a secret sauce you need to know: clients don’t care how much they’ll pay for your service if they trust you. To do this, you have to be YOU. Authenticity is your secret sauce. When you're on those sales calls, just be yourself. Lay it all out; your approach, values, and what clients can expect. Authenticity speaks volumes in building any relationships.

Exude Confidence, Not Pressure: Time for the art of closing. Forget the high-pressure tactics; confidence is the name of the game. How to be confident even if you’re starting? Create your High Value Offer. Sell what you truly believe and closing the sale will be easy. Set proper expectations on the results. Make it clear that these benefits outweigh any concerns they might have. Confidence is your ticket to reassuring prospects they're making the right call.

Strategic Follow-Up: There are hundreds of ways to follow-up beyond sales calls. What you should do if they didn’t buy on the spot is to strategize a plan to nurture them. Send follow-up emails with extra resources, articles they need, or success stories that line up with your prospect's goals. You may also host a webinar or workshop and invite them. This will show you are committed to your journey.

Empower Your Prospects: Instead of doing the cold-hearted and old way of pitching, position it as an empowering conversation. Ask how you can help them get there. What I’ve learned over the past 17 years doing business is that closing a sale is a teamwork. If you don’t know their desires, dreams, and problems so you can both help each other. This approach makes them feel like they own the journey, making them more likely to jump on board with your services.

Dialing-In The Call

Dialing In: A Sales Call Guide For Coaches and Consultants  │ Martyna Boss

I can still vividly remember my early days? Palms sweating, voice shaking, imposter syndrome creeping in like a stealthy ninja. Yes, I've been there too. But guess what? I’ve realized two things in sales in building my business for the past 17 years.

Here are my realizations:

  1. Turns out, sales calls don't have to be the equivalent of walking over hot coals.

  2. Sales calls don't have to be that nerve-wracking.

Over the years, I’ve also noticed my team makes some classic blunder moves which sabotages their success in closing the deals. Here are key secrets to closing more sales calls.

  1. Setting the Stage: Don't Skip It!

Imagine going to a play with no script, no director, and no clue about your role. That's what it's like when you don't set the stage for a sales call. It's like setting sail without a captain.

Setting the stage isn't just about being welcoming; it's about framing the entire conversation. It's about taking control from the start, with you as the captain of the ship, not just another crew member.

When I start a call, I kick things off with a bang: "Hey [Client's Name], get ready for an epic journey because your story is about to unfold, and I'm here to guide you through it. Are you ready for the adventure?" This isn't just a chat; it's where we shape the future, and they'll feel it.

  1. Avoid the Buddy Trap

Let me tell you a little story. Once, I tried to be the super chill coach, the long-lost friend. Spoiler alert: It was a disaster. They don't need a new friend; they need a guide to lead them to their goals.

So, how do you strike the right balance? Be friendly, but remember, you're the expert they're turning to for guidance, not their meme-sharing buddy. Keep it professional, add a sprinkle of charm, and stay focused on their goals.

  1. The Listening Game: Are you listening enough?

Believe it or not, your ears can win you more sales than your mouth ever will. Hard to swallow? I used to think so too until I realized the treasure trove that is active listening. Every client has a story filled with their needs, desires, and challenges. Your job? Read it like your favorite novel.

Here's the secret: listen as if you're collecting precious gems because, in a way, you are. These insights will help you customize your pitch so perfectly that they'll think you're reading their mind.

  1. Scripts? No Thanks!

Raise your hand if you've ever been on the receiving end of a robotic sales script. Just me? Well, scripts are like those one-size-fits-all shirts – they never fit quite right. When I tossed out the script and started talking like a human, magic happened. People paid attention. They got engaged. They bought it.

The key? Be present. Be in the moment. Forget the script and have a real conversation. It's not rocket science; it's just being authentic.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

I used to believe that winging it was the way to go. "I'm great on the fly," I'd proudly proclaim. But you know what? The fly isn't always the sharpest tool in the shed. Practice your calls, fine-tune your pitch, and watch your conversion rate skyrocket. Mastering the art of sales is a numbers game. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn and master the skill.

Taking Your Sales Calls to the Next Level

Dialing In: A Sales Call Guide For Coaches and Consultants  │ Martyna Boss

As a coach or consultant, your ability to master sales calls is essential for the growth and sustainability of your business. However, the journey doesn't stop here. To further enhance your sales call effectiveness, consider incorporating elements such as:

Advanced Communication Techniques: Delve into the psychology of communication to understand how to connect with your prospects on a deeper level. Learn about body language, tonality, and rapport-building strategies.

Technology Integration: Explore tools and software that can streamline your sales call processes. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems can help you organize and manage your leads effectively. One of the tools I love the most and secret in scaling my business is Streak.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in sales and marketing. Consider investing in sales training or coaching to continually refine your skills. Let me help you even further by joining my Email Newsletter. Inside my email newsletter, I’m going to share behind the scenes of a business consultant who closed $3.5M in coaching services sales only 2023 and the year is not finished.

Want to Master Sales?

Dialing In: A Sales Call Guide For Coaches and Consultants  │ Martyna Boss

Sales Calls play a major role in your business. Without mastering the art of sales it will be hard for you to build your business, build a network and manage your team. Because everything involves sales. You can’t rally a team without them buying your idea. You can’t connect and build a network to business owners if you can’t sell the relationship and partnership you want to build with them.

If you want to master sales, we’re currently working on the back end to create a program so you can easily command sales. You can join the waitlist by joining our Email Newsletter.

Sell more,

Martyna Boss

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Lea Salvador
Lea Salvador

A great read on the art of sales calls. Setting the stage and avoiding the buddy trap? Genius. Excited to put these strategies into action! 💪
Martyna Boss
Martyna Boss

Taking action is always best! Sometimes people wait too long, and there is no perfect time or moment 💖 Taking action also gives a clarity and courage to do better ☕️ Thanks for reading
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